Renewing the Mind, Body, and Spirit through juicing


My schedule doesn’t always permit me to attend Farmers Market on Saturday so I went online and found one I could visit on a Sunday.  I found one in the city of Santa Monica.  Upon entry through the gates, I was met by all of the aroma’s from the food vendors.   I had a juice prior to leaving the house and I wanted to save my appetite for a nice lunch.   So I continued on to find the greatest vendor selling every leafy green you could think of. The greens were already cleaned and separated into individual bins.  I thought wow, I can buy all my greens ready to use.  I purchased Baby Kale, Spinach and Arugula.  When I got home, I mixed them all together.  So my juice for the next week and a half will include that mixture.  I love that I can just grab a handfuls and have everything in it.  Thanks Farmers Market in Santa Monica, I’ll be back.

Tawny Tip:   Always soak your greens in cold salt water at least 5 minutes before use. Organic or not we want to make sure your greens are really clean and salt water is a great way  to clean leafy greens.  


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