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Benefits Of Shallot

A relative of onion, shallots smaller in size and sweeter to taste. Much like garlic, their bulb divides into multiple sections. Shallots can be easily digested and contain 6 times more phenolics than the lowest-ranked onion, the Vidalia. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber and folic acid and also contain calcium, iron and protein in large quantities.

Nutrition Benefits Of Shallot

  • Recent studies have proven the fact that out of all the varieties of onions, shallots are particularly effective against liver cancer cells. Shallots contain 6 times more phenoplast than onions. It helps the liver to remove toxins from the body and have glucosides to inhibit and kill cancer cells.
  • Shallots are also helpful in inhibiting stomach cancer. Regular intake of shallots can help the stomach stay away from any kind of stomach infections.
  • Shallots are very good for patients who have symptomatic atherosclerotic disease, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and stroke. It produces an anti-coagulant that thins the blood and exhibit strong anti-platelet activity.
  • Shallots help in lowering the blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. They prevent the degradation of insulin and increase the metabolism of glucose.
  • Shallots also aid brain functions and are very effective against Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Shallots contain sulfur contents that can make the skin look younger. Daily shallot intakes will be extremely helpful for you in the long run.
  • Daily consumption of shallots helps in the growth of bone tissues and it also reduces the risk of developing osteoporosis by 20%. It contains Prostaglandin A-1, a powerful agent that can lower blood pressure.

Handful of Swiss Chard and Parsley mix

1/4 Cucumber

1 Garlic Clove

1 Shallot bulb

¼ cup Blueberries

1 Celery Stalk

½ Apple

1/3 cup Green Grapes

½ Banana

1/3 Cup Pomegranate Seeds

1 Carrot

Juice from 1 Lime

1 Tbsp Goji Berries

Dash of Turmeric

Dash of Cayenne Pepper





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