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Creating Your Own Snacks


Often times it’s easy to stop at the store and by a bag of potato chips or a candy bar. Let’s explore a new way to make it convenient to snack healthy.  Keep a small Tupperware container in your car, at your desk in the office, and at your bedside or wherever you think that you might want to reach for snack.  When you feel the urge, your container is right there for easy access and prevents you from reverting back your old snack habits.

When you juice, there is a tendency to crave between meals and juicing and that’s okay. Go to your neighborhood Sprouts grocery store and pick up individual bags of the nut, granola and dry berries. My choices include a variety of nuts, various types of granola, dry fruits, berries, and trail mix.

Sprouts is one of my favorite stores because they have an impressive inventory of things to choose from. Not just one type of granola or nuts but there may be five or more different types from which to choose. The other store I frequent is Trader Joe’s where I was able to find the meat of the pistachio without the shell.

Here is what my snack consisted of today:

1/2 cup of roasted unsalted cashew
1/2 cup of the meat of pistachios
1 cup granola with hemp seed and pumpkin seed

Mix it all together and snack away.  I will keep you posted on the different mixtures that I create.  Get through to your next meal or juice healthy snacks and keep up the good work.



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